Pinched Skin Under Belly Button After TT- Will It Go Away?

I have a vertical, pinched fold of skin about an inch under my belly button. Like the skin was gathered and pulled down and bunched up together. Will this go away on its own? Is there anything I can do to encourage it to flatten out quicker? It bothers me a lot.

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Tummy Tuck and Skin " Bunched Up"?

 Thank you for the question.

Dependending  on how long ago your operation was performed,  you will be amazed how much skin “gathering or puckering” will settle out with time. This process takes several months to occur. Unfortunately,  there is nothing you can do to “encourage it to flatten out quicker”.

To address your concerns with your plastic surgeon who is in the best position to answer questions and concerns.

Best wishes.

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Pinched Skin After Tummy Tuck

Dear BlueRabbit,

Thanks for your question.  Have you discussed your concern with your surgeon?  Since your surgeon was there at the time of surgery and knows your tissues, he/she can best address your questions and concerns.

If you would like to resubmit your question with a photo of the area you are concerned about, then we can perhaps give you some thoughts on your situation.  


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