Pinched my Nose 10 Weeks out from Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty and Nasal Graft Work. Is it Damaged?

The other day at work I wasn't thinking and I just pinched my nose together almost closing my nostrils for a very brief second. It hurt right then, but not afterwords. I am really worried I may have messed something up. I got the surgery to help me breathe better and I don't want to compromise that by pinching my nose. Would a slight pinch 10 weeks out do any permanent damage? Thanks.

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Minor trauma unlikely to damage rhinoplasty results

Very unlikely that you caused any permanent damage to your nose from this relatively minor trauma.  If you have any real concerns or notice a difference in the shape of your nose see your surgeon.  

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I Pinched my Nose after Rhinoplasty

Thank you for the question. Although it is unlikely that you did any major damage, it wouldn't hurt to have your surgeon take a look if you have any concern. Alar batten grafts or lateral crural strut grafts would be at greatest risk if they were performed during your rhinoplasty, but by now, they are likely scarred into position.  Take care.

Robert Brobst, MD
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