Pimply Spotty Skin After Rhinoplasty/Eyelid Surgery?

I had rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery 3 months ago in Asia and since then my face (cheeks, chin, forehead) has become increasingly pimply and irritable causing spotty and rash-like symptoms. My nose is very oily, especially in the mornings but I understand that this is normal after surgery. I am just very worried about the spotty skin that has occurred since surgery as previous to having anything done my skin has always been very clear and spot free. Any medications to take?

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Acne Following Rhinoplasty

Breakouts can occur after Rhinoplasty, commonly from tape and splint placement. I often recommend over the counter Cetaphil to my patients. It is a gentle cleanser that helps significantly with these breakouts. This problem should only be temporary, so not to worry.

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Yes, it is important to have excellent nasal skin washing techniques after rhinoplasty.  I learned this from my Cosmetic Dermatology colleagues!

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