Pimples on my Forehead After Juvederm Injection, What Can I Do?

Hi, I am an asian female, about one and a half months ago, I had juverderm injected on the bridge of my nose for augumentation, after about a week, I start to have tons of pimples on my forehead. I could like to know the only way to get rid of all those pimples is to melt down all the juvederm? Is that my only option? Or do I wait until the juvederm are gone and the pimples will go away as well? Please advice, thank you!

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Juvederm + Pimples

It is uncommon to get pimples from Juvederm.  However, sometimes if a blood vessel has been irritated, it can discolor the skin and form pimples in the area that was injected as well as other areas nearby.  I would definitely see your doctor immediately to have this evaluated.

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