Pills to Dry Up Breast Milk Before Breast Augmentation?

im having a breast lift and aug, in about 1 month. its been 12 mo" that i stopped brest feeding.i still have breast milk wen i pinch my nipples. my ob gave me loestrin fe to drink to actually stop it?idrank 20 pills now.bt is'nt working nd i have to stop using any kind of pills 2 weeks prior surgery. is there any other kind of medication or shot that will actually stop it? if so? i need the name of it.it seems that my OB is in lalaland,ihad digntc mamogram,hormone blood work all r normal

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Pills to dry up breast milk before breast augmentation, why?

Taking pills to dry up your breast milk just so you can have a breast augmentation is probably not in your best interest. What's the rush? Usually breast milk dries up over about six months post cessation of breast feeding. Since this is a totally elective procedure, why not just wait and make this procedure as low risk for infection as possible.

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