PIH or PIE After TCA. Will Fraxel Dual 1927 Help?

I stupidly self inflicted a TCA 35% peel several years ago. I now have skin discoloration. A derm has told me I do not have scarring but I do have PIH, but it doesnt look brown- it looks red/purple-ish. I've also read about post inflammatory erythema. I need some advice on what the best treatment is. I've gotten about 50% relief with 4 pulsed dye laser treatments, 2 of which were VBeam perfectas. Do I stick with more PDLs or try the 1927 in hopes of fewer treatments and more greater clearance?

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V-Beam is the best choice

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While I love the 1927 Fraxel laser it is not indicated for your particular problem.  Be patient.  You may need four more V-Beams to effectively clear the problem that was created by such a strong TCA peel.  You are on the right track and you should continue with your V-Beam treatments.

Fraxel Laser

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 I like the V-Beam Perfecta for this problem.   You may need up to 8-10 treatments to optimize the laser.

Vivek Bansal, MD
Danville Plastic Surgeon
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