Will PIH Heal Completely After Glycolic Peel?

Hi, my skin type is IV. I had 3 Glycolic peels at 70%. Three weeks after the last one, I developed a very sever PIH. Now I´ve been with HQ 4%, Tretinoin and Corticoteroid threatment + some microderm for around 25 days and full sun block. PIH has been reduced in around 70%, so I expect it to be solved in 25 days more.(Thank GOD) Now, once it´s over and I stop topical creams; how long before my skin can recieve sun without protection? Will it be normal again or some PIH will come back? Thanks.

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Chemical Peeling, Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation and Sun

Your skin should never be exposed to the sun without protection, especially considering what you have gone through with chemical peeling and post-inflammatory discoloration (hyperpigmentation, PIH). I have a strict post-peeling regimen for all my patients which includes strict sun avoidance.  Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) can be very difficult to treat and very difficult to predict.  No one can say for sure whether your PIH will completely go away and if it does, if it will come back. But one thing is for sure, sun exposure without protection will not help.  

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