PIH from Inital Breakout Accutane?

Does the PIH from the inital break out fade quiker than usual PIH? I had a very bad inital break out I need prednisone but now it's mostly gone but it left a lot of PIH behing... And now I'm breaking out really bad around my chin and mouth , and getting a lot of zits daily , when will this hell heal?

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PIH from acne

Unfortunately there is no specific timeframe for PIH. It can last a short amount of time for some people, and months or longer for others. If you are having this bad of a time while on Accutane, I would recommend you consult your physician. Even though I believe wholeheartedly in Accutane and think it is a wonderful drug, you may need some different solutions, or different dosages, or an incorporation of other products along with it.

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