I have pigmentation on my cheek and nose. Will Fraxel be effective?

I have pigmentation on my cheeks and nose like brown spots from sun. I m getting fraxel laser treatment .is that good and effective

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Fraxel Dual for Pigmentation

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Fraxel Dual laser (1927) for pigmentation is the ideal laser to use.  It is my favorite laser for al over pigmentation, age spots, and sun damage.  It has great results with almost no down time.  Please find an experienced board certified Dermatologist with a lot of experience with Fraxel for the best results.

Fraxel Dual for pigment

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Hi Adnankhan--Fraxel Dual can be an excellent tool to improve pigmentation.  Things that can affect the outcome of treatment include the patient's skin type, type of pigmentation, and of course the treatment parameters and technique of the physician that is treating you.  Always be sure to go somewhere that the physician is doing the treatment, and not delegating it to other staff.  Take care, Dr. Groff

William Groff, DO
San Diego Dermatologist
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Yes Fraxel will be effective for pigment on cheek and nose especially if..

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Yes, Fraxel is the most effective technology I have ever seen consistent results with for targeting hyper pigmentation (dark spots/sun spots). The Fraxel technology has been improved over the past 5 years. We offer the latest Fraxel model called Fraxel re:store DUAL. The family of Fraxel lasers is made up of several models. The DUAL model offers two laser heads in one. These wave lengths are 1550 (deep wave length for lines and wrinkles) and wave length 1927(less deep to target melanin). We can customize your settings to specifically target your needs. Look for re:store DUAL for the best results for dark spots. Don't be surprised if they crust off like coffee beans revealing beautiful clear skin. 

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