Piece of Skin Under Breast in Crease 3 Weeks PO, What Is It?

I noticed a small piece of skin in the crease of my breast after a ba bl about 2 1/2 weeks ago what is this from

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Breast crease scar

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Surgical incisions are often closed in such a way that results in a little elevation and ridge to the scar initially.  Once the suture material that was used to close the incision breaks down and get absorbed the scar starts to flatten.  Closing a scar that way allows for less tension at the surface of the skin and will give a nicer scar over time.

Alternatively the crease could be your old breast crease that possibly wasn't excised in the lift or a small "dog ear" which is a pucker that results after closing the incision.  These issues should get better over time and the best thing to do at 2 1/2 weeks after surgery is to wait and follow your surgeon's instructions.  If they don't get better to your satisfaction then often a minor office revision can be done.

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