Piece of crushed cartilage creating white spot on bridge three months post Rhinoplasty.

Open rhinoplasty three months ago tip work and nasal bridge narrowed. Doc put crushed cartilage (not wrapped) in indent where nose had been broken in an accident and there is a small bumpy piece the size of a pencil led sticking out. You can push it down by massaging it every day but it comes right back. The skin has a white circle around it looks stretched now. How can this be removed? Can it be done in the office and how soon? I see the doctor in another month but worried about skin discoloration.

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Cartilage graft, dorsum, visible

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Hi, your question is a good one. This is actually somewhat common when cartilage grafts are placed on the dorsum of the nose especially if it is not wrapped or you have thinner skin.  There are three things that can be done. First, sometimes the  cartilage tends to resorb with time and is less apparent.  This may take at least a year.  Second, sometimes we can use a little needle to gently take it down even in the office. Finally, you could always go back in a more formal manner to remove that little culprit area of cartilage do a simple single incision inside the nose.  I would caution to make sure that indeed it is cartilage and not just scar under the soft tissue.  

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