Is Pidobenzone a Safe and Effective Treatment for Melasma?

My wife has tried many treatments and the only one that works is the Tri-Luma cream. Comparing it to her previous treatments, it appears that the active ingredient that is working is Hydroquinone. However, as soon as she stopped using it, the melasma came back. Since Hydroquinone is cytotoxic, I wanted to find a safer alternative for her, and found Pidobenzone. But very little info is available, besides those from the maker. Is it safe (at least safer than Hydroquinone), effective? Is it photosensitive?

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Non hydroquinone skin lighteners for melasma

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If your wife is concerned about HQ, an alternative is to use a non HQ skin lightener such as Melarase AM and Melapads. These seem to do very well for my patients.

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Melasma treatment

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What your wife is expereiencing is the natural history oof the condition.  There is no cure, but treatments that keep it under control.  The answer is not to change to another topicla treatment if you found one that is effcetive.  The answer is to try to optimize the positive effectt of the therapy as well as minimizing the side effcets.  She needs to work with her doctor for that.

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