Why Are Before and Afters Posted a Certain Way?

Why is it that when theses before and after pics are taken on certain sites, 1) it doesn't look like the same guy? 2) they only show his hairline and forehead? Very curious for an answer on this as I'm sure other people are.

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Photos Are Not Regulated - Best to Speak to Actual Patients

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Nobody is really regulating the quality of before and after photos coming from cosmetic surgeons, so they can really show anything.  But I agree with the other posts in that patient identity needs to be considered and photographic consistency is very important and nothing can replace an in-person consult. Make sure you request to have access to speak with some of the doctors patients who are willing to speak about the experience.

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Hair Transplant Before and After Pictures

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Before and after pictures of hair restoration procedures sometimes do not show the entire face because privacy laws protect the patient from having his/her face shown. When you do see the face, it means the patient has given consent.

Hair transplantation today has the ability to completely transform a person’s appearance. When a before photo of a hairline or crown does not resemble the after photo, it may be because the result was so successful. However, you should still be able to recognize skin and hair color, head shape, specific markings, etc, in well-lit, focused images.

If the photos are not of good quality or something seems off, move on to other photos. There should always be photos out there that give you the sense of an honest result.

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Hair before aftert taken certain way.

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Never rely on photos to make any judgements about hair results.  Meet with real patients who have had grafts in person!

Toby Mayer, MD
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Before and Answer Pictures: Why Are They Different?

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First off, they only show above the patients eyebrows in order to provide privacy to those patients. I'm assuming that you're talking about before-and-after pictures for hair restoration surgery. Other procedures may need to show before-and-after pictures of the entire face or other portions of the face or body.

Regarding looking different, high quality before and after pictures should look similar. The picture should be taken from the same angle with similar lighting and in focus. If they don't look similar then it is difficult to objectively evaluate the results. And remember just because the before-and-after pictures look good, it is not a guarantee that your results will be the same as the patient in the pictures. Ask questions and good luck.

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