Liposuction? What Options Are Gimmicks and What Aren't? (photo)

I asked earlier about lipo options but now have some pics for reference. There are a lot of options out there (Vaser, SmartLipo etc.) and i'm not sure which are marketing hype and which aren't. I'd love to get rid of this super stubborn fat on my tummy and love handles that stay despite exercise/diet. I'm 5'5 105ish lbs for reference. Any help/info/pricing is greatly appreciated!!


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To clarify, almost every good plastic surgeon uses tumescent injection. It was originated by a dermatologist, but is standard today although many dermatologists and some plastic surgeons market this technique as something special

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Best Liposuction Technique in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles patients are bombarded by many advertisments about the best and latest machines for liposuction. Many of these new machines are being advertised without adequate long term studies. In my personal experience of having used different machines and techniques the most important equipment is a talented Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and not just someone who pretends to be a plastic surgeon and is trying to sell you a fancy equipment!

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Anything other than tumescent liposuction with the micro canulas probably isn't worth the risks.

I feel the best results by far are with tumescent liposuction with micro canulas under local anesthesia which Dermatologic Surgeons have the most experience with and developed this technique.  Choosing a lipo surgeon who mainly only does liposuctions is very important.  Don't waste your money on cheap liposuction. You get what you pay for.  Expect to pay $5000-6000 for a full abdomen and hips lipo.  Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
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Liposuction technique?

Thank you for the question and pictures.

It seems to me you  like you may be in an ideal candidate for liposuction surgery.

In my opinion it is far more important to select the appropriate surgeon as opposed to trying to select the appropriate technique.

Any of the available technologies available can lead to disastrous results if not  used appropriately/skillfully. On the other hand, great results can be achieved for the appropriate patient (patient selection is critical)  in the hands of a good surgeon (regardless of the technology used). There is a saying in surgery... "it's not the tool  but the fool behind the tool” that matters.

My recommendation would be to visit with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons for consultation.

Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Best Liposuction Technique?

Standard tumescent liposuction is as good as any available option, plus you avoid potential complications and increased duration of procedure when adding either ultrasound (VASER) or laser (SmartLipo) energy.  There is no scientific study anywhere that proves a benefit of SmartLipo or VASER over traditional liposuction in primary cases.  In my opinion, the results are more controlled with tumescent lipo, because you can see exactly what's going on in real time.  I've tried VASER for about 20 cases.  Never did Smart Lipo myself, but have seen some results that were very average, or worse.

Steve Laverson, MD
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Liposuction, what works

You are a perfect candidate for a liposuction procedure with good elastic skin, and well defined fatty deposits which can be contoured. The tool or particular machine, system, whatever, is not as important as the surgeon. Many forms of liposuction will work if done well with skill. Any surgeon should be able to explain his choice, reasons why in an understandable way, and market his skill through results and reputation. If he is marketing the machine it is a red flag.

Best of luck, peterejohnsonmd

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Liposuction. What works and whats hype.

You look like an excellant candidate for liposuction, ie you have local areas of fat to be removed and your skin is good quality  and you are young.  Any method of liposuction done properly should give you a good result.  The end results are far more dependant on the surgeon than they are upon the equipment.  Marketing is pushing several variations of liposuction, ie, ultrasonic liposuction, laser liposuction, vaser liposuction, transcutaneous laser fat dissolving, smart lipo, slim lipo, etc.  None of these has ever been shown in scientific studies to be better than traditional tumnescent liposuction done carefully,  in spite of all of the marketers claims that they are.  Find a board certified plastic surgeon, with a good reputation for doing careful sculpting with their liposuction cannulas and ignore the hype that one machine or the other will magically deliver superior results.

Jeffrey M. Darrow, MD
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Liposuction vs Smart Lipo

I agree with other Plastic Surgeons. I have a smart lipo and it makes a lot of difference in terms of patients with loose skin and fibrous areas like the back. It has the ability to melt fat and tighten skin and can be done , sometimes, under local. You should have a great result with any technique Happy Surgery! Dr jeneby

Thomas T. Jeneby, MD
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Liposuction, what works what's marketing hype?

Thank you for the photos. You look young with good elastic skin. Any technique of liposuction will work for you. You seem to be well informed and question some of the marketing promises of certain companies and even doctors. I wrote about this before. The most important machine is between the surgeon's ears. The rest are tools that can be used by a surgeon with good judgement and good surgical skills. The machine is only as good as the person using it. See a board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation and review his/her liposuction photos. Remember, these are their best, and you might not get the exact same result. Good luck.  

George Marosan, MD
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