Breasts Very Uneven 1 Month Post Surgery - Very Worried? (photo)

I had revision surgery/capsulectomy for both breasts 4 weeks ago. The implants were micro-leaking. The left breast was more severe with a longer surgery (it's much larger than the right). Although capsulated my breasts were very symmetrical before surgery (I have a lot of my own tissue which hid the capsulation). My surgeon vaguely said it was swelling, but it's distorting the breast it is sinking lower and stretching the skin. Will I end up deformed? Will I need a revision? What went wrong?

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Early Breast Implant Replacement Results

I think you are being way too critical of the result at this early point after surgery. After such implant replacements and capsulectomies, it is going to take 3 to 6 months before you should critique the outcome. The  breasts needs to settle and heal. It is also important to realize that the scar (capsule) was holding up the breasts before. Now that capsulectomies may have bene performed, that support will be gone and the breasts will have a little more sag to them.

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Breasts Very Uneven 1 Month Post Surgery - Very Worried?

To be honest after reviewing the posted photos I really see minor differences. But you are the patient, best to return to your doc/surgeon to discuss or get a second opinion. 

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