Is This Picture Obtaintable? Also-Doctor Recommendations in Chicago for Blepharoplasty (Of the Asian Eyelid)?

I came across the photograph online of a young woman in Asia who seems to have several eyelid procedures. Can something like this be duplicated or does what she have appear to go beyond a simple procedure? Also, are there any recommendations for Asian eyelid specialist in Chicago? Thank you! 

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This is double fold surgery.

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It is very hard to tell precisely what this person had done.  Certainly she had double fold surgery.  I would be very careful in looking for an Asian eyelid surgeon in Chicago.  It is critical to look beyond the reputation of the surgeon.  It is critical to study the ability of the particular surgeon to deliver what you are looking for.  No matter how great the reputation of the surgeon, if the before and after photographs they show you, do not appeal to you, it is critical to look for other surgeon.  I do believe that it should be possible to have a good double fold surgery in Chicago.  Just remember that less is more.

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Not sure what you are asking..

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It seems that this patient had upper eyelid Asian blepharoplasty. Beyond that, not sure what you mean regarding whether this is obtainable.


As as recommendations go, Dr Putterman in Chicago is an excellent oculoplastics surgeon.

THere are many in Chicago. You can find them by visiting ASOPRS dot org.


Good luck

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Choosing an Asian eyelid specialist

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It appears the lady had upper eyelid Asian blepharoplasty. The ASPS website is a good starting point to identify qualified board certified plastic surgeons. Consult with 3 - 4 to explore your options. Choose the surgeon who is experienced and expert in Asian eyelid surgery, passionate about the procedure, and understands your objectives/needs.

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