What went wrong w/ my tummy tuck? Vertical+horizontal scar+small pucker? Is this normal? (photo)

Hello, I'm exactly 3 months 2 days post op. Breast/TT aug & still surprised by the vertical scar that has ridges (that aren't obvious in the picture). My vertical scar seems a bit wide compared to other pictures I've seen & my belly is still not flat like I thought it would be. I never really wore my compression garment so could there still be swelling? Also, I don't have a waist line. From the pictures posted, would you say these are good results, or not from a tummy tuck?

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Vertical scar

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Follow up with your surgeon and asking all your questions he/she would be the only one to know what happen, the swelling would last up to 6 month to a year. Wear your garment it would help with the swelling.  

What went wrong w/ my tummy tuck?

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Thank you for the question and pictures. Although difficult to give you an accurate evaluation without viewing preop pictures, overall I think that you have achieved a nice outcome, with the exception of poor scarring. Unfortunately, sometimes these types of scars may result, despite best efforts from your plastic surgeon. It is possible, that with revisionary surgery and/or the use of other modalities ( such as steroid injection into the scars), improvement can be achieved.

Best wishes.

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