Would picosure be effective for my skin tone for freckle removal? (photo)

I am wondering if picosure lasers would be effective for me?IPL did nothing (palomar starlux 300). I'm willing to do a set of these treatments with the Pico but they're expensive and I want some objective feedback.thanks! I'm in the Dallas metroplex.

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Your options...

The FDA-approved PicoSure laser is highly effective for safely removing regrettable tattoos and scars. You may want to ask your board certified dermatologist about a spot peel. A spot peel is a specially formulatechemical peel that targets uneven pigmentation. It can be used to target:
  • Sun spots
  • Freckles
  • Dark spots during pregnancy (melasma)
  • Post-inflammatory pigmentation
The spot peel is a very mild peel. You will experience a couple of days of pinkness, during which you should avoid sun exposure. This peel is specifically designed to reduce the appearance of spots, and its special formulation penetrates deeper into the skin than other peels of similar intensity. Treatment can take as little as 20 minutes, and results can last for months. Here are some facts on PicoSure. The amazing technology of this laser cause it to deliver laser energy into your desired areas at a much higher rate than previous lasers. Because of this, the PicoSure laser is much more effective and works quicker than other laser skin treatments. The PicoSure laser can be used for the following: ·         Tattoo removal ·         Acne scars ·         Wrinkles ·         Pigmentation Any place that you have pigmentation on your skin that you’d like to even out, the PicoSure laser may remedy the problem. Hope this helps!

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Picosure is a Safe Excellent Option for Hyperpigmentation

Picosure focused treatments are an excellent way to brighten up the skin.  The Focused treatment is safe and effective for most skin types including yours.  Treatments are quick and take about 15 minutes to perform.  There is a mild pinching and burning sensation which can be lessened with either topical anesthesia or just cold air.  When I perform the Picosure treatments, the cold air is sufficient for comfort.

Most clients will require anywhere from 2 to 5 treatments depending on what you are treating. For pigmentation, 2 to 3 is enough whereas for acne scarring and textural improvement, up to 5 may be needed.  There are very few side effects and redness usually only persists for 24 hours.

It is important to utilize sunscreen after the treatment and limit sun exposure.

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