Is left side forearm and neck discomfort/ tightness/ stiffness commonly felt, post op when pressure is applied around bra line?

I had a BA done on 12/22/15. Left side 425cc, right side 400cc. I started feeling above referenced symptoms 2/3 months post opp. On the L breast, the area starting around the bra line and going up towards shoulder about 1 inches feels glued. Any prolonged pressure applied by bra or a sports bra activates the above symptoms, plus I also feel some numbness and tickling sensations. I have consultanted numerous times w my PS and obtained 2nd opinion and neither has had a patient complain like me.

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Radiating Pain

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Hello,Well, it sounds like your implant is sitting on an intercostal sensory nerve that is somehow referring pain down to your forearm and up your neck. Based on known anatomy, it would be difficult to expect that pattern, but that doesn't make it impossible. An examination would be needed to possibly elucidate anything else.  If that was negative, then I would consider a one to two month course of Neurontin (gabapentin), combined with physical therapy to ensure shoulder musculature is all in order.Best of luck!

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