Will Picking at Nose in Sleep Ruin Results of Rhinoplasty?

I'm 2 weeks post op from Rhinoplasty, my splint came off day 10. After my splint came off I've woken up to myself picking at my nose in my sleep! I've noticed that my nostrils have gotten quite a bit bigger since I caught myself.

Have I unconsciously ruined the results? I know the results change over time due to swelling but I also know I was not gentle when I caught myself messing with my nose. Did I ruin mt results? Is it normal for nostrils to get wider on their own? All help very appreciated.

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Picking at nose after rhinoplasty

Picking your nose after the rhinoplasty will not affect the results if it has already been ten days. The sutures are probably already dissolved and unless aggressive picking is happening, you will not open up the incisions. You have not ruined the results. It is normal for the nostrils to swell and fluctuate in size because of the swelling and edema that occurs in the postoperative phase.

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Nose picking after rhinoplasty.

You have not caused any problem. This is only the swelling and your nose should be fine. Wear mittens when you sleep and this should help. 

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