TCA Peel: Has Picking the Skin Ruined my Peel?

I Picked off Most of the Skin off After 3 Days of a Tca Peel What Will Happen to my Skin?

It has only been 3days after my peel and i picked off the skin. It is pink in some parts and burns in some parts also? What should i do? What will happen to my skin?

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Skin peels

With any skin peels, the outer layer of the skin will die to a varying depth depending on the type of peel and strength of the acid, and how many layers were applied.

As you start peeling some of the skin is still well stuck  to the underlying remaining skin and when you oick on it you run the risk of making the wound deeper and that will result in scars.

See your doctor who did the peel for appropriate care to minimize the scars.

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