Picked off a New Mole- Can I Still Be Tested for Melanoma?

Hi, I saw a new mole on my finger (1-2mm, light brown) and picked it off with my fingernails. 1-Is there a way to find out if this mole was or was not melanoma, despite no biopsy sample being available? 2-Would having the area of the skin where the mole was, and the surrounding skin area as well, biopsied be a viable option to know if this was melanoma? 3-If I biopsied the surrounding skin, would there be a functional or cosmetic deformity to my finger? The mole was on my finger, near the joint.

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Picked off mole

Lesion number one---Don't do that again!!  There is no way to know if the mole was normal or dysplastic or a melanoma.  Most times a dermatologist can use a dermatoscope and evaluate the pigment pattern and determine if a biopsy is needed.  The problem here is that you have traumatized the base.  Even a normal mole can look abnormal under the microscope if it is traumatized.  The first step here is to see a board certified dermatologist and have him/her evaluate what is present now and determine if a biopsy is in order.  The cosmetic outcome would be of secondary concern if the dermatologist determines that a biopsy is needed.

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