How Does One Pick an Injector from a List of Experienced Doctors?

I am interested in getting fillers for my upper cheek and want to choose the right practitioner. I have three in mind, all of whom have a lot of experience (and of course, if I asked, they will say "of course"), and all of them have good reviews on ratemds. So how do I choose which one? I don't want to spend too much on consults when its hard to evaluate what they tell me. I don't have any contacts who went to these doctors or got these treatments. Any suggestions?

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Picking the "best" doctor for your injections

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Your best "telling" of who does a good job at what you want done is patient images. If a doctor does not have images posted on the practice website of their patients' before and after photos, they will usually have some in the office. 

Of the doctors you are considering, why not visit their offices and ask to see the available patient photos? I would not think you would need a paid consultation for that.



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Injector for fillers

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It osund slike you have done your due diligence.  FInd an experienced injector that is board certified in one of the core fields( Plastics, derm, ent, oculoplastic).. It is always best if you know patients that were treated by the doctor.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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