I Had Physio on my Back and Now Breast Soreness at the Top of the Implant.

One year post op. Mentor silicon gel implants. I had physio treatment for my back (car accident) two weeks ago and since then, I now have tenderness at the very top of my implant (more chest than breast, just below the clavical). Breast feel normal and look normal as they always have. Could I have damaged the top of the implant pocket and just needs time to heel?

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Physio and chest muscles

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Physio is often associated with deep muscle massage which can cause soreness. It is very possible that this is the cause of your discomfort. To be sure you should go for an exam by your plastic surgeon.

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Physical therapy following breast augmentation

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It sounds like you may be sore in that area because your pectoralis muscles (frequently the muscle that we place implants underneath) have been worked.  The musle has connections to your clavicle and rest in that area.  It does not sound like you have to worry about your implants.  If it is muscle soreness, then it will resolve over the next week or two depending on the strain. 

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