One Physician Told Me Mesotherapy Was Not "Legal" to Use in Florida. Is This True?

Is Mesotherapy "legal" in Florida? I understand it is "not FDA approved". But one Physician told me they used to use it on their patients, but two years ago the Florida law changed and has prohibited the use of it. That physician said Georgia was the closest State to Florida that could legally administer Mesotherapy. However, I see and know of other Florida Physicians that advertise and use Mesotherapy on a regular basis. What is the correct answer?

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You can always contact the state medical board

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While I am unfamiliar with the laws in Florida, you can always call or look up on the state medical board website what is and isn't allowed, as far as mesotherapy. If there is a particular law forbidding it, it shouldn't be too hard to track down. Additionally, you could call the offices that advertise and use it and ask simply how they can if you've heard it's illegal - it may have to do with specific compounds or who is injecting the mesotherapy. It's good to do your homework!

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