Has Anyone Ever Become Physically Disabled from a LBL Surgery Mishandling Their Groin?

I feel that I am disabled, I can only sit for a short while and work is very very hard for me. I come home and cry and moan and that's it.I worry that I won't be able to work some morning and that I will fit no recognized catagory of disability and then what? Scary. Is there a recognition of medically manufactured disability? I'm sure sorry I had plastic surgery. But there is no turning back now. Yuck. Drs. in my City haven't even allowed me to have even a few good pain pills for this. Lee

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Post op pain following Lower body lift

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Dear fiddledd,

Sorry to hear about your situation.  My best advise is for you to continue follow up with your plastic surgeon.  He or she can examine you and try to identify anything structurally out of the ordinary in your reconstruction. If not ask him for a referral to a pain management specialist and perhaps a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist.  Get informed.  While you wait perhaps Google information on the gate theory of pain.  Good luck 

Tyler Plastic Surgeon

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