I had my revision rhinoplasty and ended up with necrosis on columella part and too much scarring

I'm 27 year old female.After revision rhinoplasty on 30th Jan,2016,my skin died on columella part and nostrils were resized and there are scarring on nostril area, skin on nostrils had to be stitched twice & even then it's not fully attached as I can see gaped holes & raised bumps on the tip..pictures are not doing it justice but I hope you get the idea. Do I need reconstructive surgery? Why skin died? Is it doctor's fault? And what good doctors can I go to in Thailand Phuket. Please let me know

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Rhinoplasty is a speciality

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Unfortunately you have had some terrible complications after your surgery.  Rhinoplasty should only be carried out by surgeons trained specifically in the art and science of rhinoplasty, the complications rates are often high when non experts perform the surgery.  It is not possible to see your columella from the pictures you have provided.  If you have lost skin then the only way to fix it will be with a graft or a flap.  If you have scarring and no skin loss then you can have laser resurfacing to remodel the scars.  Hope this is helpful.  

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