Photodynamic Therapy for Acne - Carried out Correctly? No Reaction/response, No Redness and Peeling, is This Normal?

Hello, I have had photodynamic therapy performed this week. The procedure was carried out as follows:45 minutes of ALA being applied to face in 5 minute intervals.I saw that it was a small bottle. Not all the bottle was used, in fact very little ammount. Blue Light(ipl?) was used on face, didn't hurt badly, just felt hot. This didn't last very long and was performed in less than 5 mins.I was not red AT ALL after the treatment. Still no redness or peeling,disheartened as to whether it worked.

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PDT for Acne

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Although sometimes helpful, PDT using ALA and blue light often does not work so well for acne. For acne, with most of the problem being deeper, down in the oil glands which are deeper in the skin, one needs to have a PDT treatment with red light.

Since you got no reaction, see your doctor, and see what he/she thinks.

T. Wayne Day, MD

Nashville, TN

Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon

PDT Outcomes

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The use of Levulan ( aminolevulinic acid) proves to work well  for Photodynamic Therapy treatments in conjunction with an IPL laser such as the Sciton.  The application of the serum is simple and is expected to incubate for 60-70 minutes for optimal results.  Little discomfort should be noted during the laser session, but an intense feeling of sun sensitivity and redness will present within as little as 4-6 hours afterwards.  It is advisable to avoid any sun exposure for 48 hours . Peeling, redness and irritation will subside in 4-6 days  with most treatments.  

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