Photodynamic Therapy to Correct Bad Pixel/ill Result?

I had pixel/ipltreatment one month ago. It caused skin crepiness, an increase in fine wrinkles ( where the pixel marks connected) and left visible pixel marks all over my face. I sought the advice of a plastic surgeon to see what he suggested as I am miserable!! He suggested photodynamic therapy to rid me of the pixel marks and skin crepiness. What is your opinion?

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We need to know more about the treatment you had

Thanks for your question and Dr. Ibrahami is correct in his comments to you. We need to know more about the treatment you had – when it was, was there a skin care routine that you followed. Did you follow up with the original provider? You need a consultation now with a board-certified dermatologist who can examine your skin and make appropriate determinations on what would be best to correct the concerns you have now.

PDT is a great therapy for many things. Fixing laser problems is usually not high on the list but if done correctly by a skilled derm you may see improvement. Again, I would go to a derm and learn what is going on, and how best to take care of it from here.

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Would consider other mechanisms to improve side effects.

Sorry to hear about your skin crepiness. Where did you have your procedure performed and who did the treatment? Did you return back to that place to discuss your concerns with that provider? I would recommend when it comes to laser/ipl/pdt treatments that you consider consulting with a dermatologist who has advanced training in these techniques. To be honest, photodynamic therapy is a good treatment modality but not the first one that I would consider in such a situation. There are many options including a pulsed dye laser or a fractionated laser. Ideally you should go to a dermatologist who has multiple lasers so they pick the one best suited to help your issue.

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