Since Photocure Stopped Producing Allumera, Will It Be Taken off the Market?

I had one treatment with Allumera and Blue U Light, and I was reading online that Photocure will no longer be producing this product. Why is that? I really like the results from the first treatment (my pores are smaller) and was planning on getting another treatment. Was there a problem with Allumera?

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Allumera Treatments

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I love Allumera and offer it to patients who have large pored, coarse skin who are also dealing with some acne and pigmentation issues.  It works and the results are excellent after a series of treatments.  Photocure is not taking it off the market.  They decided to eliminate products reps to detail the product so we providers need to order directly from them.  Apparently their next product being worked on was delayed by the FDA so they are trying to conserve on expenses to keep the new drug in the pipeline.  If you want even better treatments and better results, ask your doctor to switch to red light treatments which are more effective than blue and to consider pretreating with a microdermabrasion or light laser peel before to encourage deeper penetration of the product.   Hope that helps!

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