My labiaplasty procedure (7 weeks post op). Question: sensitivity: nerve damage, undissolved suture? (Photos)

Been back to doc 8x since surgery due to breakdown. Was given "all clear" at 5 weeks w/ "no need" for followup. I addressed pain/irritation I'm having below and to the side of my clitoris. Doc treated the area twice with silver nitrate but expressed no concerns (or answers). Area is still sensitive to wipe, sit, walk. It's a sharp, stabbing pain. I'm at the point of wanting this "extra skin" cut off to make the pain go away. Is it a suture that didn't dissolve? Or nerve damage from the incision?

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You have suture pain

It is clear that your pain is from residual suture material that is taking longer than average to dissolve. Give it a few more weeks and it should dissipate. If not, see your surgeon again. Damaged nerves feel no pain. You don't have nerve damage.

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Post op labia and hood reduction

It is apparent your surgeon is not listening to you.  It is also apparent you have been aggressively treated and you have complete amputation of the labia. Your surgeon has little experience in this field and I would suggest that you seek a surgeon with experience, expertise and a good reputation. I would not go back to your surgeon for further treatment because he doesn't want to hear that you have problems.  It is difficult to diagnose why you have this sensitivity but based upon your description and your photos it might mean you have residual suture in  this area or a neuroma causing irritation of a nerve branch.  I would recommend more than just lidocaine but instead  lidocaine + kenalog injection.  Kenalog is a corticosteroid which can decrease inflammation i.e. swelling around nerves and will often decrease  pain and irritation.

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My labiaplasty procedure. Question: sensitivity: nerve damage , undissolved suture?

Thank you for sharing your questions and photographs and I am sorry to hear of your continued recovery issues.  Based on your current results I would strongly recommend seeing a labiaplasty surgeon for an in-person consultation and exam. It appears that your previous surgeon amputated your labia minora in addition to having affected your labia majora and clitoral hood tissues.  The cause of the area of throbbing and sensitivity is not immediately known and may be a retained stitch but lidocaine topically may help treat the symptoms until a definite diagnosis can be determined.  Best wishes.

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Thank you for sharing your photos.  I can see from the photos that your surgeon may not have specialized in this procedure.  This is why its incredibly important to chose a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in labiaplasty and has extensive experience performing this procedure.  You will definitely need a revision.  I would highly recommend choosing another surgeon for this. 

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