Breast Aug Revision - 650cc HP Allergan Silicone or 550 Mod Plus Silicone or Dare I Say 700cc? (photo)

I'm looking to be a DD or DDD. Implant size now is 480cc moderate saline. I used to be 36D Currently 34D with some rippling and loose skin due to loosing 37lbs in the past yr. My implants move in the pocket very naturally. I dont mind that if there wasnt ugly rippling. I was told it was tension rippling by one Dr. Anyways, Dr. is recommending 650HP silicone -Allergan I guess I just want to see if anyone concurs with this.. I'm having Sx in 2 wks(yikes!)!! Not like buying shoes :( Please SOS!

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Rippling following breast augmentation

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The tendency to show implant rippling following breast augmentation is a related to your soft tissue envelope and the mechanical qualities of the implant contents.  Attempting to increase the soft tissue thickness with new commercially available soft tissue adjuncts are difficult and can be costly.  Using thicker cohesive silicone gel implants generally is your best bet to minimize the problem of rippling. Furthermore, you might reconsider using smaller implants as they will thin the tissues less over the long run.

Montreal Plastic Surgeon
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Implant exchange to 700 cc

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700 cc implants are quite large. While you may want larger you may not want o go that large if you want to treaty rippling, Strattice may be worthwhile.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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