What could be wrong with my mouth if it's swollen and hurting?

A long time ago, I had to get a crown put on one of my back teeth. It's not a wisdom tooth, it's the 5th tooth back from my front tooth. Yesterday I noticed that the gum on top of the crown was swollen. Then as the day went on, it started to ache a little and now today my my cheek is swollen. My husband pointed it out to me. I'm thinking it's a tooth infection? I have no dental insurance. Could a family Dr help me? Thank you. :)

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Mouth swollen

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The best option is to have a dentist take an X-ray to see if there is any infection originating from the teeth.  If you have tooth infection you will most likely need a root canal.  


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Swollen Mouth

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You have a tooth related infection that should be treated by a dentist. Even though a physician can prescribe you antibiotics, you will still have a tooth problem that needs to be addressed. I hope this helps!

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