Work from home after BA?

I'm going to have my first consultation this week, but curious to know one thing. Would it be okay to work from home after one week of breast augmentation?

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May I work from home following my breast augmentation?

Thanks so much for your question.  The short answer is Yes!  It will be ok to work from home for the first week following your procedure.  The main thing is that you will need to be careful about taking pain medicine and performing critical decision making.  I'm sure you will be fine and basically you need to just use your common sense with the after procedure work schedule.  Hope this helps.  Good luck.

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Work from home after BA?

It's a good question.Depends on what type of work you're doing, but you would easily be able to work on your computer, respond to email, etc. The main restriction after breast augmentation surgery is heavy lifting, which shouldn't be performed for the first six weeks.My patients are back to their day-to-day activities, not including working out, after about 24 hours.

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Work from home after breast augmentation

Each surgeon has different guidelines for postoperative care. It is generally okay to start to ramp up activities within the first week. However, consult your surgeon as he or or she knows the specifics about you and the scope of the surgery.

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Working from home

Thank you for your question.If you are having a straightforward breast augmentation and do not have any complications you should be fine to work from home one week after surgery.

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Working from home after breast augmentation

Thank you for asking. Most patients will be able to work from home shortly after breast augmentation. As long as there's no heavy lifting or activity most patients are well enough to do so. Most of my patients need a few days of rest but could perform light duty and office type work soon after breast implant augmentation. Talk with your PS. Best wishes!

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Work from home

unless you have something really unusual happen , there should not be a problem.......................

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Working post breast augmentation

Congratulations on your upcoming consultation. Every patient is a little different, but most are able to work from home within a few days. It's usually 5-7 days before you would be comfortable enough to drive. As always make sure that you follow the instructions of your board certified plastic surgeon.

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Returning to Work After Breast Augmention

If your work does not consist of heavy lifting or overhead lifting, you should be able to return to work one week after your breast augmentation. For our patients, we recommend taking a week off from work. Patients can return to work at one week with limitations such as refraining from lifting anything over 10 lbs or raising your arms above your head for the first three weeks. Our patients can resume exercising at four weeks. Please check with your plastic surgeon as post-operative instructions vary from surgeon to surgeon. Good luck with your surgery!

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How soon to work after Breast Augmentation?

Hi Yesenia,
Thanks for your question. It depends on what you do for work at home. I tell my patients that for a desk job or no manual labor you can return in 2-3 days, but if they are using the arms a lot without heavy lifting at least 3 weeks and for full activity 6 weeks. I always recommend support for the breast implants. See several plastic surgeons with good before and after pictures and see it before you buy it with 3D imaging options like Vectra as well in office sizing options. Good Luck!

All the best,

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Work following a breast augmentation

Following a breast augmentation surgery patients typically can work from home within a few days and most patients are back to work in one week.   It is usually 5-7 days before you can safely and comfortably drive. You can begin driving again when you can move your arms comfortably and when you are not taking any prescription medications.  Strenuous activity and exercise should be avoided for 3 weeks. You should NOT do any heavy lifting, pushing, pulling, high reaching, vacuuming or strenuous activities like aerobics, tennis, or swimming for 6 weeks. Walking is permitted provided it is not strenuous. Hope this helps! 

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