White marks after BA? (Photos)

I'm almost 3 weeks post op just noticed white looking stretch marks under my boobs is this normal? Will it go away? I had tuberous breasts before so is it from the stretching. I'm getting a little paranoid

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Wait for some time

The final appearance, shape, and movement are not exactly the same as normal breasts. The surgically enlarged breasts do not move in the same way as normal breasts. They tend to be firmer. The contours are usually somewhat different than normal breasts. In some patients these discrepancies may be rather noticeable. Although every effort is made to place the implants symmetrically, complete symmetry is rarely achieved. Immediately after surgery, the breasts are swollen and firmer. The final shape and size is approximated after 2 to 3 months, but up to one year may be required for the end result.

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Stretch Marks after breast enlargement

Some patients can develop new stretch marks after surgery. Usually they start with a red colour and than fade to end white.

In your case the stretch marks were obviously present before but now with implant and swelling look more noticeable. Hopefully you will see an improvement when the swelling goes down.


Mr Netri

Giorgio Netri, MBBS
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White marks after BA

rarely stretch marks can appear after augmention mammaplasty, or they may have already been there but barely noticable. new striae tend to be reddish and can later fade.  do you have a sp[ray on tan ? show it to your surgeon so it can be  followed.  Time will tell.

William Jervis, Jr., MD
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Stretch Marks

Thank you for your question and photo. From the photos they do appear to be stretch marks but they are not new stretch marks.  New stretch marks would be red not white.  

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White marks after breast augmentation and lift?

Thank you for your question.  As others have suggested the white marks appeared to be stretch marks.  Because of the recent surgery the stretch marks are more obvious because of swelling and once the swelling goes down the stretch marks should be less visible.  Because the stretch marks are quite they were likely present before surgery and the surgery is simply made the more visible.

White Stretch marks after Breast lift and Breast Augmentation, are they normal?

Hi Rae 369, Thanks for your question and photos. The way your breast look is perfectly normal considering you just had surgery and your still swollen. The white marks are stretch marks that will soften with time and as the swelling decreases. They are old and not new as they are not purple or red, just more noticeable now. Be patient but remember that stretch marks never go away and just soften with time. Good Luck!
All the best,  Carlos Mata MD, MBA, FACS, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon#breastlift #breastaugmentation

Carlos Mata, MD, MBA, FACS
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White marks after BA

Thank you for your question. They are stretch marks and were there before. They look more prominent now because of implant volume and edema. They will be less noticeable with time.

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White marks after BA?

These shouldn't be alarming, as these have probably been there for some time.  Older stretch marks tend to be white or silverish looking like yours, and may become more noticeable since there is now more pressure on your skin from the implant. Red or purplish ones tend to be the newer forming stretch marks. Be patient and know that they will fade over time. Best of Luck.   

Evan Feldman, MD, FACS
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Stretch Marks

Thank you for your question and photos. Old stretch marks have the whitish colour you see. when new, stretch marks appear dark red or purple and fade over years. While you are swollen and tissues inflamed you may be noticing skin irregularities more than before but you should expect things to settle and become less noticeable over time.
All the best

Jerome Edelstein, MD
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White lines in breast

Thank you for your question and photographs. I do see the whitish discoloration of your old stretch marks surrounding the surgical incision of the mastopexy. This is quite common and we see it all the time. As the skin stretches to accommodate the underlying implant, and the fluid within the tissues abates, the color of the stretch marks will usually return back to normal. It may take several months and is different in all patients. Be patient. I'm pretty confident that it will return to normal. Best of luck.

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
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