I'm a Transgender and want a bilateral mastectomy. Is there an age limit..? (Female to male)

I have been a Transgender (out of the closet) for about three years now. And for a year now I have been looking at my options and the risks that have come with them. I am 16 going onto 17 this summer, in about two months to be precise, 135 pounds and 5'5". I work out and lift weights regularly so I do have a firm build. And if I we're to do this I live in Phoenix, AZ so where would be the closest possible place to get this done at.

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Under 18 years old, you need a parent or guardian to cosign the consent form.

You should be able to locate a plastic surgeon in the greater Phoenix area who has experience with FTM top surgery. You can also look in cities where you have relatives to help you after the surgery. If not, it really does not matter how far you travel. You should plan to stay in town until the surgeon feels it is safe to go home.

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