My #8 tooth has a horizontal root fracture. What are the chances of the tooth just falling out?

I've been to the dentist and they said it would need to be extracted and then we can get a partial with a tooth. We took the impression and they said it'd be about 3 weeks. The tooth is loose and I'm afraid its going to just fall out. I'm eating carefully, but I'm scared to not have a front tooth for 3 weeks. The doctor didn't mention it, but I've seen online that you can "splint" the tooth to the one next it. Is this an option I should ask about? Thanks in advance!

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Horizontal fracture

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Yes, it's possible to splint a weak tooth to the ones on either side. If it's not feeling very loose, this probably is not necessary. Another option would be to make a clear plastic retainer much like an Invisalign type retainer that you could wear over the whole Arch which could hold that tooth in place until you have it extracted and the new prosthesis delivered.

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