Can the Depth of Penetration of Deep Fx Relatively Fixed or Can It Be Adjusted to Go Deeper or Lighter?

I've been severely disfigured - scars, hypopigmentation, lines, spots, etc. following Active FX on entire chest, shoulders and arms performed over a year ago. The doc now wants to go over the hypo lines on my arms with Deep Fx, do several IPL's on the remaining areas followed by Deep Fx there. I'm scared tho I can't imagine this could get worse. I've read Deep Fx isn't done "off the face" due to complications. This course of treatment was supposedly given from an "expert" MD at Lumenis. Input?

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Deep FX Treatment

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Thank you for your question. One must be careful with off the face treatments as they can have pigment irregularities. We have to dial ours down to treat these areas as they are high risk, but don't usually see problems. Healing just takes longer than the face, but looks good in a couple of weeks. This is unusual for your healing to be like this. I recommend getting a second opinion form a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or Board Certified Dermatologist, and they may recommend this therapy. At least your mind will be more settled. I hope this helps.

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