Does TCA cross method made acne scars look bigger and worse before getting better?

Last night I just performed TCA cross method on myself at home with a tooth pick. I am so nervous now because my scars are much bigger today. I am hoping it looks worse before it looks better?

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In my opinion the Fotona Fractional Erbium Laser or The Fraxel Repair Laser works better than TCA Cross or Phenol.

Pitted acne scar respond much better in my hands to aggressive Fractional Erbium laser treatment than to TCA Cross or Phenol treatment of pitted scars.  One Challenge related to treating severe pitted scars in extremely oily skin is the fact that oil produced by the sebaceous glands is extruded through the pores and prevents good healing of pitted scars.  this is probably the reason pits exist in the first place.  Sometimes I will put patients on isotretinoin  for 10 days before and after treatment when using either the Fractional Fotona Erbium Laser or the Fraxel Repair CO2 laser to decrease the oil and improve the healing.  Another bit of advice, DON'T treat yourself!!!!  See an expert.  You only have one face and you could very easily screw it up permanently!

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