Had surgery for deviated septum 2 weeks ago. Got kicked in the nose by toddler. How long do I hv to wait to repeat the surgery?

I had a surgery on my deviated septum and had concha bullosa about 2 weeks ago. My toddler kicked me in the nose. I had pain and my teeth hurt for about 30 min. It didn't start bleeding until I did a sinus rinse. I now can't breathe through my nose well (feels like a head cold). Not sure if it's bc I've been having to blow the other side so much that I put too much pressure on that other nostril when blowing. If I messed up my septum how long do I hv to wait to hv the surgery again?

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Trauma after septoplasty

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It's unclear whether something was structurally displaced when you were kicked based on your description. You need to be examined to see if anything happened-- and your surgeon would be the best person to decipher that.  If you do need another surgery, you may need to wait until all the inflammation from the trauma and the surgery subside.  That will take at least several weeks.  I recommend that you follow up with your surgeon and discuss your concerns.

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