Will my scar fade? I am 11 days post op (Photo)

I seen lots of scar pics in here and nothing like mine. As you can see both scar are dark color. Will it fade to leave lighter color ? How long ?

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Will my scar fade?

 Thanks so much for your question. Your scar will continue to improve for months. It's so early in the process that it's really difficult to say what the final results will look like. Be assured that it will look significantly better than it looks at 11 days. There are a number of topical products that you can put on your scar that can help. I like the product for scar healing by skin medica personally.  Hope his helps. 

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Will your scars fade?

You are very early in the recovery process.  That scar looks normal so far.  Just be patient and reevaluate in 3 months, 6 months and a year.  It takes a full year for a scar to mature.  If you are really concerned with healing, you can always try something like Embrace, which is silicone gel sheeting to help improve the appearance of the scar.  Good luck!

Brian K. Reedy, MD
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way ,way, way to early. it will take 6 months to a year for your scar to fade. \relax and do everything your surgeon says for scar reduction

Jonathan Saunders, MD
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Will my scar fade over time?

Hello elags,

Thank you for your question. Your scar will certainly fade over time. A study done at Stanford University showed that it takes about 13 months for a scar to reach it's final and stable color.

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Will my scar fade? I am 11 days post op = Yes , very likely it will #breastimplants #gummybearimplants #drmesa

Breast augmentation surgical scars underneath the breast tend to heal with a pink or dark color in most of the patients. The scars tend to fade in color by the third month of healing. However, it takes 1 year ( 12 months) to see the final result of the scar. Therefore, any discoloration during the early post op period (e.g 11 days after surgery) is too early to determine if that is the final appearance of the surgical scar after breast augmentation.

John Mesa, MD
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Normal wound healing

Thank you for your question and photo.  From what I can see, your incision looks just fine for 11 days postop.  Your incision and scar will undergo many changes over the next 12 months.  You may notice some that your scar can appear raised, uneven, red/brown, etc.  This is totally normal and will began to improve.  What you see know and what you will see at one year are vastly different.  Things you can do to maximize your scar's appearance are: 1) avoid smoking, 2) minimize sun or UV exposure (no tanning beds), 3) eat a good diet with plenty of protein, 4) scar massage, and 5) some sort of topical silicone produce such as biocorneum or silicone gel sheeting.  Good luck.  

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Your scar will fade over time.

You are very early in your post operative time to know how your scar will heal. Work with your plastic surgeon and you should have an excellent eventual scar.

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Post Op Scarring

Thanks for your question and picture.  You are still very close to your post-op date and will see your scar fade over the coming weeks and months.  See if your surgeon can get you a post-op scar cream such as BioCorneum to help accelerate the healing process.   Make sure as well to take care of your scar by avoiding heavy lifting or other stress on your incision.

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Dark color of scar

 This early in the postoperative phase in someone who has darker colored skin to begin with, it's not uncommon to see a little brown discoloration of the scar. Most of the time this will fade over several months. You can accelerate the removal of the brown color with intense pulse light and/or topical steroid creams and bleaching creams. Ask your plastic surgeon for their protocol. Good luck.

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