If I'm in need of root canals, do I have to get them done before I get veneers? Can I just get the veneers?

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Are root canals needed before #veneers? #DrSoftTouch

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That would depend on why root canals were recommended. Traditional veneers do not usually require root canal therapy. However, a tooth that needs extensive preparation due to its position may require a root canal. Other indications for a root canal include extensive decay (cavity) or abscess. I hope this helps.  Follow me for more questions and answers.

Root Canal prior to Veneer

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A normal veneer preparation rarely requires the tooth to need a root canal.  If the tooth requires extensive preparation due to its position, has considerable decay present, or has a nerve that is damaged due to previous trauma or dental work, then a root canal may be necessary.  So to answer your question it depends on why you are supposed to have root canals?  Traditional veneers rarely require a root canal.

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