What is recommended to reduce gummy smile? And jaw surgery? (photos)

I'm considering a procedure. I feel it looking worse through the years, I dont know if its because Ive had 4 teeth removed 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom (which was required for a treatment with my braces) . I've read up on it a bit and I saw a few procedures. Including: botox on the lip, gum lift, stitching the inside of the lip futher down on the gum? Correct me if im wrong, but can you please recommend what procedure would help me reduce the gummy smile best? Thank you so much in advance!

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Gummy Smile Correction

Although corrective jaw surgery is considered by many ideal, a minimally invasive alternative (lip repositioning surgery) which can take as little as one short appointment less than 60 minutes long, has been producing very nice results. Sometimes combining this with smile line crown lengthening procedure can make quite an impact.

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Gummy Smile

Hi and thank you for your question and for providing your pictures. From your pictures I see your concerns. There are a multitude of reasons why you show too much gums. There are certain measurements that need to be made in order to find averages of how much gum you should show and how much tooth structure you should show. There is a harmonious balance that needs to be achieved between your smile and gums. All the options you have written about in your question are treatments that can be used. They have benefits and cons and you should be aware of what these are. For instance, Botox to the lips means that it must be repeated more or less every 6 months. A more permanent solution will involve surgery in one form or another, but these will correct the anatomical structures that are involved. I would advise you to be evaluated by a periodontist or oral & maxillofacial surgeon for your corrective procedures. Best of luck to you!

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Gummy Smile

You have a beautiful smile and I don't think you "need" anything.  However, it sounds like you are unhappy and have started to look into your options to have the excess gingival display corrected.  You should really consult in person with the cosmetic dentist of your choosing and coordinate treatment with an expert periodontist and possibly oral surgeon.  A good cosmetic dentist will coordinate this for you and have relationships with the right providers to present all options.

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