2 days post op Radiesse on hands, I'm not happy with the results. Any suggestions?

i had radiesse 2 days ago. she only used 1.5 on both hands. i'm not happy with the results. i called today and she told me to come back in 2 weeks when the swelling is gone and she can add more filler. money is not a concern to me.

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Radiesse on hands

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I think the advice of your doctor sounds good.  I would also recommend waiting a couple of weeks after treatment of the hands with Radiesse before deciding if more is needed.  As the Radiesse settles in and the swelling goes down, it will be easier to determine if you need further treatment or not.  

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I would wait

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Your doctor is giving you good advice.  Rather than overfill the area, they are being more conservative in injecting only what is needed.  Once your swelling goes down, you can always return to the office for more.   But if too much is injected the first time, there is no way to remove it and you have to live with it.  If you remain unhappy with the results of Radiesse you should consider autologous fat injections.  Good Luck!

2 days post op Radiesse on hands, I'm not happy with the results.

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Based on your comments, I am not sure what you dislike about the treatment thus far.  At 2 days, you will have swelling and lumpiness.  If this is your concern, give it a couple of weeks and see your doctor again!

Radiesse in Hands

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Your doctor's advice sounds good.  You say you are not happy with the results, but it would be good to know what you don't like at your treatment.  In most cases, gentle massage of the areas can help and also time as suggested by your doctor.  One thing for other patients to consider is that Radiesse cannot be removed once injected.  HA products such as Juvederm and Restylane can be melted.  If you have never had fillers before, then I usually suggest using an HA product so you have the opportunity to melt the product if it is not the result you wished for or expected.

Good Luck.

Radiesse for the hands

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I agree that waiting several weeks will reduce the inflammatory aspect causing swelling. 

In the future, you may consider autologous fat transfer as an alternative treatment. Contact Dr RAFFY Karamanoukian in Los Angeles. 

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