Best way to perform arm lift, breast lift, back lift, tummy tuck, and Brazilian butt lift in 2 or 3 surgeries? (Photos)

I am interested in 5 separate procedures (arm lift, auto augmentation breast lift, upper back lift, tummy tuck, and Brazilian butt lift) and would like to divide them into 2-3 surgeries. I am wondering how to best divide them to maximize results, comfort, and healing. Also, how long would you suggest waiting in between procedures? Your professional recommendations are very much appreciated.

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Best combine procedures

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The way multiple procedures are combine depends on the surgeons personal experience and preference. I like to do the front first and then work on the back. I will do the brachioplasty, mastopexy/augmentation and tummy tuck first, so the patients can lay on their back and sit with comfort, and 3 months later, when the patients are fully recover, I will proceed with the upper back lift and  Brazilian butt lift, to avoid pressure on the closure and maintaining good circulation by laying down on their belly. Consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area, he or she will discussed the pros and cons of different combinations.

Combining body contouring procedures

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Thank you for including photographs from different angles!  Grouping together certain body contouring procedures can minimize overall recovery time and maximize results, but it needs to be done in a safe manner.  The arm lift (brachioplasty) along with the upper back lift and using this tissue to add volume to the breasts during the breast lift could be accomplished during a single procedure, while the tummy tuck and fat transfer to the buttocks could be done during a single procedure.  A minimum of 6 weeks should elapse between the procedures to allow for healing and a return to baseline of the risk for blood clots (DVT).  Best wishes for beautiful results!

Best way to perform arm lift, breast lift, back lift, tummy tuck, and Brazilian butt lift in 2 or 3 surgeries?

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Yes, it is a good idea to combine surgeries when possible. We would do the upper back lift, arm lift, and breast as one stage, the other surgeries as a second stage 6-12 weeks later. 

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Multiple procedures

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What you describe is a lot of surgery. Still, those procedures should be able to be performed into operations. Each plastic surgeon will have their own level of comfort with how much surgery should be done in a single session. I'm guessing your reference to autologous  breast lift is a fat transfer it to the breast procedure. Based on your picture you may do better with a traditional breast lift with her without enhancement. talk to your plastic surgeon to see what he or she recommends. Best, Mats Hagstrom, MD

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