Open wound after 2 weeks post op TT how long will it take to heal? (photo)

I have this open wound for almost aweek's not draining from the hole you see its actually draining yellow fluid from a slit under it on the horizontal incision which Isnot even open.I'm taking antibiotics and keeping it clean it used to be almost a black color now it's pink so I'm assuming it healing now..Also I was swollen more but since I've been draining the swelling has subsided. The bright stuff around it is antibiotic ointment. .does everything look ok healing/infection wise?

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Wound after tummy tuck.

These wounds will generally heal, but it is important to keep in touch with your plastic surgeon who can aid you in the healing. The fact that the drainage is clear is good. Some manipuolation of the wound may be needed to accelerate the healing, but this has to be determined by an in person visit with your physician.

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Abdominoplasty Wounds


I am sorry you are having this problem.  The first photo clearly shows skin that is red and swollen. The second shows your dehiscence, with sutures spanning the gap.  You have a wound that was initially caused by insufficient circulation to the skin in that area.  This led to a breakdown and death of some of the tissues, known as necrosis and accelerated by a superficial infection, which always occurs in the face of insufficient circulation.

It is important that your surgeon takes the necessary steps to promote wound healing.  Step one is to remove all foreign bodies, like those sutures holding together dead skin. They promote bacteria and slow healing. Step two is to remove any tissue that is clearly non-viable.  Sometimes this step needs to be repeated a few times over the course of a week or two. Step three is to initiate a dressing regimen that promotes tissue healing and bacterial cleansing.  This is known as a saline soaked dressing that is changed two to three times a day. 

It is not easy doing this; your wound will appear much bigger than it is now, and is usually frightening to the patient. It seems unimaginable that your body will heal such a wound, but it does.  Keeping the wound closed like it is now will slow down an already lengthy process of healing, which is not recommended.  Be prepared to be dealing with this for about 2 months.  However, once healed a revision can be contemplated to remove any scarring.

Best of luck!

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Wound after tummy tuck

Sorry to hear about your current issues. Very frequent follow up with your surgeon is key. This wound will take time to heal from the inside out and will require dressing changes to keep it clean. After it heals and has softened your surgeon will likely plan a revision to improve the scar. Good luck. 

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Infection after tummy tuck

Dear Sabrina,
I'm sorry to hear that you are having a set back in your recovery from your tummy tuck.  It looks like you had an infection in the area and it has drained.  The second picture does look improved from the one before.  Make sure that you are following up with your plastic surgeon frequently so that they can monitor the progress of the wound healing.  It can take a few weeks to heal completely, but it will.  After a few months, if the scar is less than optimal a simple scar revision can be done in the office.  In the end you will likely have a very nice result, it will just take a little longer. Best wishes. 

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Thank you for the photos and I am sorry that you are having a compication. That said I would stay in close touch with my surgeon so he can follow your progress that may take months to heal. You might also speak to him about a wound vac to try to speed the process. Dr. Corbin

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An open wound to the fat necrosis after abdominoplasty may take weeks to heal.

I can't tell from the photograph provided but looks as though there might be some dead fat deep to the skin. This is called fat necrosis and it may be a while until the body is able to close this one in the situation where the blood supply is poor.

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Wound after tummy tuck

You have a incision separation that should heal with time, but you and your surgeon need to know why the incision did not heal. If it is caused by an untreated seroma, the seroma will need to be properly treated before the small wound will heal. If there is no communication of this wound to a deeper "hole", it should heal with some simple dressing changes in about 1 month. If there is a bigger issue underneath, it could be much more of a hassle. You need to continue close follow up with your surgeon and make sure that you are treating both the surface issue and the deeper issue, if there is one.

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Dehisence of TT incision

You have had a separation of your abdominoplasty wound.   This will likely take 2 months to totally heal.  The wound will heal.  Just follow the directions of your surgeon.  You will be fine.  Dr C

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