Can I get a nose job so my nose can look like Jhene Aikos or Rihanna? (photos)

I have a bump on the bridge of my nose, and I feel that I have a big nose for my face. I really dislike how it looks, especially on the sides.

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Can I get a nose job so my nose can look like Jhene Aikos or Rihanna?

The goal of rhinoplasty surgery is for the nose to naturally fit your face.  From the photos you shared, your goal should be to remove the hump on the bridge of your nose and to thin and refine the tip.  Both procedures can be performed through a closed rhinoplasty where the incisions are on the inside of your nose and not visible.

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Can I get a nose job so my nose can look like Jhene Aikos or Rihanna?

  The bump can be removed, and the nose can be refined through a closed approach with no visible scars and less downtime.

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Nose to Look like Jhene Aikos or Rihanna

For 35 years I have never tried to make a nose look like somebody else's. However, it is helpful to refer to the nasal characteristics of a well known person when describing personal goals of rhinoplasty surgery.

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Thank you for sharing. Each rhinoplasty plan should to custom tailored to your nose anatomy and goals. The specific look that a patient is looking for should be clearly discussed. Reducing your hump and refining the appearance is a reasonable goal. Show your surgeon what you want. Please see a board certified rhinoplasty surgeon who has good experience and can show you examples. Good luck

Rhinoplasty for dorsal hump removal and big nose

The rhinoplasty procedure involves sculpting the cartilage and bone that patient's currently have and making sure that the  individual nasal components balance with themselves and your facial features. It's impossible to give  someone else's nose to you. Reduction of the dorsal hump And refining the bulbous tip can be accomplished with the rhinoplasty procedure. Computer imaging would help the education process to understand what can be accomplished with your nose. This is available online on the link below, or in most plastic surgeon's offices.   For many examples of what can be accomplished with the rhinoplasty procedure, please see the link below

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