Middle section tummy tuck incision kind of open with some white; is this bad? Surgery was 26 days ago.

middle section tummy tuck incision kind off open with some white..is this bad? surgery 26 days..

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Wound separations

with tummy tucks are not that uncommon above the pubic area and if shallow, good wound care is all that is needed to allow this to resolve.  If there are holes or sinuses with considerable drainage, you should be talking to your surgeon about this...

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Tummy tuck incision

Thanks for your question.  Sometimes, incisions can "spit" sutures and this area will open up and drain yellowish or green fluid.  This is a normal reaction to the spitting suture and may continue until the suture falls out or its removed.  Please contact your plastic surgeon for an in office examination and follow up care.  Best of luck.   

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