Does it matter what kind/brand of bra I get after a breast augmentation?

I've read a lot of reviews on what women have been wearing after their surgery. They all say wireless but some of them are really expensive while others have gotten their bra at Walmart, what are some overall good post op bras? Do they need to be supportive or what should I look for?

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Post breast augmentation bra

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Listen to your surgeon's advice but in general I don't think the cost of the bra matters after an augmentation. A bra without underwire and something that isn't too tight is probably the most important factor in choosing a bra. Breast implants tend to sit high if smooth implants are used you don't want the bra to hold the implant in a higher position as the capsule or scar tissue is forming. Cheap bras from target or walmart seem to do just fine. Hope this helps.

Josh Olson MD

Bra after breast implant augmentation

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Thank you for asking. Each plastic surgeon has his/her own advice for this. It may vary from patient to patient and the size/type of implant used. In most cases an underwire bra is not used for several weeks until cleared by the PS's protocol. Bras or garments do not necessarily have to be expensive. Talk with your plastic surgeon about his/her recommendations. Best wishes!

Post-op Bras

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Thank you for your question. My best advice is to follow your surgeons instructions for post-operative care. However, I recommend that my patients wear a bar that has no padding, no underwire and closes in the front. Supportive is good. Good luck! 

Bras after breast surgery

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Hi Taytor,

Thanks for your question. It is usually surgeon dependent in terms of what to wear. I recommend anything comfortable that you hook in the front that compresses and provides support. Some bras have built straps that help the implants drop earlier if they are put under the muscle. We provide the bras as part of our breast package. Walmart is fine. But if cost is not an issue all the fine specialty stores make good wireless bras! Good Luck! I am sure you will love your new #breast

All the best,
Carlos Mata MD, MBA, FACS,
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Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Do you need to wear a bra after breast augmentation?

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This is another example of "ask 10 surgeons and you will get 10 different answers".  As you can see from the other answers some say no underwire, underwire, sports bra, soft bra and there are medical bras or ones made just for breast surgery.  I am in the camp of no bra after surgery (and very little bandages).  I feel that if I can make it look like a small procedure, my patients feel like it is a smaller procedure and get back to normal activity sooner.  No bra lets the implant settle into place quicker in my opinion, and I have patients start massage the same day as surgery or the next day.  To cover the nipples or give just a little support for comfort I have them get a camisole top.  However, I can't fault any of the other recommendations and therefore tell you if you've picked your plastic surgeon for a reason, stick with what he or she tells you to do to get the results that they, and you, expect.

Eric Mariotti, MD
Walnut Creek Plastic Surgeon

Best Post Op Bra

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Often Plastic Surgeons have a preference for post op bra or will provide one with your surgery. I recommend that you ask your Plastic Surgeon what their recommendation is . I provide a surgical support bra which closes in the front and provides gentle support and compression. My patients wear this for 8 weeks post op. Most Surgeons would agree that avoiding underwire for roughly 6 weeks is important, but other than that many variables can be ok.

All the best

Does it matter what kind/brand of bra I get after a breast augmentation?

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In a word, yes. We advise our patients to wear a front hooking sports bra after surgery because it provides sufficient support but does not completely immobilize the recently augmented breasts. A certain degree of motion is actually necessary in order to minimize the risk of hardwning, or capsular contracture. We recommend that our patients wear a sports bra for the first month after their breast augmentation surgery.

Bra after breast augmentation

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Thank you for your question.  The cost of your post-op bra really doesn't matter. Ask your plastic surgeon what he/ she prefers. I send all of my patients home in a surgical bra mainly for comfort.  A sports bra from Walmart that zips in front is also just fine. No need to spend a lot of money. You just want something comfortable that gives you a bit of support. 


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It does not matter at all. No underwire is the only limitation I put on my patients for three months. Otherwise whatever bra you want is fine. I would suggest you get a front fastening bra.

Does it matter what kind/brand of bra I get after a breast augmentation?

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We provide a soft front fastening bra for the patients and after a week allow them to wear anything comfortable. I find it makes no difference what they wear as far as style goes. 

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