I'm a man. I want to be female. Can I get butt implants? (Photo)

I want booty implants and I want my ass to look just like this one in the picture I'm giving you two pictures of the booty I want and I'm giving you a picture of my ass can it be done

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Male Buttock Implants

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While men can have buttock implants just like women, no implant buttock augmentation can create that amount of buttock size increase. Even with large custom made buttock implants placed in the subfascial plane such a result can not be fully achieved.

I'm a man. I want to be female. Can I get butt implants?

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Hello want2bewomen - Thanks for your question. As long as you are healthy for elective surgery, you could be a candidate for buttocks implants. Whether you could look like the woman in your post pic is another matter. You would need a consultation in-person to evaluate your anatomy to see what type of implant might get you closer to looking like her. If you have extra body fat, you could also have liposuction and fat transfer to further the results. You do have to have realistic expectations though, or you will ultimately be unhappy with the results. Every one is build differently and implants can only do so much. I would recommend that you consult with a buttocks enhancement specialist in your area for more information. 

Good luck, 

Dr. Shah

Male to female Buttock enhancement

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The pictures provided are not adequate for proper evaluation.

You need an in person evaluation, and discussion as to where you are in the process of transformation, male to female.

There are many differences in the buttocks and hips of a male to female. Different boney pelvis.

Many issues need assessment before proceeding with your surgery

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Buttock implants

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You seem like a great candidate for the buttock implant procedure, which I specialize in. It will help lift and fill in the sagging skin and give you  a much more feminine figure. However, as a surgeon who is highly experienced in buttock implants (I perform this procedure daily) I can tell you that one of the most important factors in determining a patients candidacy for the buttock implant is whether or not they have realistic expectations.  Based on the photos you've presented I can say confidently that it doesn't seem like you have realistic expectations for your result.  Any surgeon that promises the result in the photo you've shared isn't being truthful with you.  If you would like the curves from the photo you may need a combination of the implant and fat transfer to the buttock and hips.  This will get you closer to your wish pic.  I am unsure if you have enough fat on your body to produce the result you are looking for.  Try searching for a before and after photo of someone with a similar build and size to  yourself and take that to your consultation. Be sure to choose a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in this procedure and has a great photo gallery.

Butt implants

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Yes you would be a candidate for buttocks implants. You are most likely a candidate for buttock Enhancement surgery if you feel your buttocks are sagging, deflated, asymmetric, not in balance with your body. It can be performed using fat grafting (also called Brazilian Butt lift) or using silicone implants (Buttocks Implant Augmentation). These two modalities can be combined in order to optimize both size and shape. It is important that you pick a plastic surgeon who performs the surgery routinely and takes several measures to reduce infections or complications. Please see examples below. 

Buttock implants

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You are a good candidate for buttock implants. I would recommend combining this with liposuction and fat injections, especially to achieve volume in the hips and a smaller waist.

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